Erinyes Assault

Erinyes Assault
Tactical Briefing


You have been selected to lead the assault on the Erinyes system. Intelligence suggests that a feud has developed between the heretic leader “Urlock Gaur” who is known to be in the Carcaradon Cluster and the renegade leader “Nokad the Blighted” who rules the Erinyes Group. Both were lieutenants of the infamous Nadzybar. This power struggle will prevent Urlock from immediately sending reinforcements from the central system to assist Nokad defend your assault. If you are able to make quick progress, this system should fall into our hands.

If we are to make a final push at the Charcaradon Cluster, we must first clear out the Erinyes Group. At the heart of this group lies the most productive Forge Worlds in the Sabbat System – Leptis Tertius. This is our prize. It is the home of Nokad, and the vast bulk of his forces reside there. It is surrounded by the hive worlds of Bes, Ispa and Ephesus.

The deathworld Volubilis lies a short distance from the main cluster, but is heavily fortified for an as yet unknown reason. Three other important worlds are more distant in a system with heavy asteroid activity. These planets are the former agri-world Falacrine, the industrial world Stridon and the Shrine world of Harkalon.

As you well know, Harkalon is the world where Saint Sabbat was slain by chaos forces at the end of her great crusade. The gates there are still inscribed with her inspiring world:

Do not shirk! Do not falter! Give them death in the name of Sabbat!

I trust these inspiring words will ring in the ears of the Emperor’s Guardsmen as they reclaim these worlds and push us closer to the ultimate goal of removing the chaos scourge from the Sabbat system.

Information from our astropaths and scout missions will be sent to your dataslates shortly.

I have assigned the Phantine Fifth, Seventh and Eighth, The Janus Heavy Artillery, Pardus Mechaised Assault and twelve full-strength regiments from our Cadian reserves for this assault. I expect results, and I expect them quickly. You will be assisted by some Adeptus Astartes when they can be spared from our defence of the Khan system.

Lord General Severus


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