‘In a crusade renown for its heroism the assault on the Erinyes System was yet another shining example. Nokad the Blighted, a lieutenant of the vial chaos god Nurgle, had marshalled a large, well armed force to defend this vital sector. The proud forgeworld of Leptis Tertius, once one of the empires most reliable sources of matériel, had been bent to will of the dark gods.

This world had become the dark heart of the renegade forces. Any push on the Carcaradon Cluster and the blood pact leader, Urlock Gaur, would be fruitless if his armies could rely upon the limitless munitions supplies from the Erinyes Group.

In a bold move, the Warmaster appointed three young Generals to lead a lightning strike on the sector…’

- from A History of the Later Imperial Crusades

Erinyes Assault

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